Out of the gate, Jessica Lea Mayfield’s 2014 effort ‘Make My Head Sing’ hits the listener with a raw sound that’d make even Jack White and Karen O giddy. This is her first without The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach on the helm of production, and shows a different side of her that hadn’t been heard on earlier albums. The stripped down bass, in tandem with Mayfield’s droll, hypnotic singing creates a comfortable ambience. This is a new Mayfield - one that isn’t afraid to go outside of her comfort zone and blend musical stylings to create her sound.

The record has a certain cadence that we’d come to expect from a singer/songwriter of her stature. Each song builds upon the previous, and the album’s heartbeat grows stronger with each sound layer placed on. Mayfield along with a tight backing band, places you in the gray area between dream-like trance and garage rock. If this effort is any indication of Mayfield’s evolving style and technique, then I can’t wait to see how she’ll help to shape the musical landscape around her.