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Squarespace for Creative Production

Working with small creative businesses is fun for us, because we know how their minds operate. We know how they like to work, and we always have a fun time collaborating on their sites with them. This one has been in the works for some time now, and we’re proud to finally feature it on our blog! Intersection Productions, formed in 2000, is where “Creative Ideas Intersect.” It is the brainchild of Donald Bull and Robin Berlin, who specialize in writing, directing, producing, and editing TV shows. They also write books, consult, teach, and have a stellar body of work to show for it. At this point in their careers, they were in need of one central location in which they could consolidate their services, encourage people to consume material, buy their books, and even join in on newsletters.

The two are a remarkable creative force, and we’ve been delighted they’ve chosen Fix8 for their Squarespace needs.

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Squarespace for Career Growth

We’ve all been there – stuck in a position that is either boring, static, or just not what we want to be doing with our time. There are a few things we can do during these harrowing times: 1, tackle the job-hunt ourselves – grind through until we find something that satisfies us, 2, go into hiding, or 3, call Job Jenny!

Foss has been a journalist, marketing communications strategist, and recruiter for the majority of her professional life. In 2010, she launched her own business as the go-to support for how to successfully navigate the job search. Jenny and her team teach clients how to be amazing at managing their careers, and have the expertise to prove it – having been featured on Aol Jobs, Forbes Women, and The Wall Street Journal just to name a few. She brings to the table such services as 1:1 coaching, resume and cover letter services, Linkedin makeovers, workshops, consulting, career guides, and more!

We all know someone who could benefit from these kinds of services. Why not steer them over to Job Jenny?

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Lookie Lou for Lookie Who?

Lookie Lou is a women’s boutique offering a carefully curated collection of luxurious cruelty-free shoes, eco-friendly swimwear, and ethical lingerie. All of the products offered are vegan, meaning they are completely free of animal products and by-products. You won’t find a scrap of silk, wool, or leather in their store – in fact, most of their products have been designed with social and environmental goals in mind. For example, some of their products help empower disadvantaged communities. A number of them are composed of recycled or sustainable materials. To boot, all of the goods offered on their new site will turn heads when walking down the street - a major fashion bonus.

Owned and operated by a vegan husband and wife team obsessed with beautiful clothing and design, Lookie Lou is continuously looking for new designers and partnership opportunities. To be featured in the store, new designers must produce a collection of vegan apparel or accessories—products that are completely free of animal products, including leather, silk, and wool. If you think you fit these criteria, please send a line to and they’d love to chat. Otherwise, come explore Lookie Lou’s cutting-edge new Squarespace 6 site and support artists who are making strides to improve the lives of living things all over the planet.

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Squarespace for Land Surveying

We’ll be the first to admit, we’ve never worked with a land surveying company before – but boy oh boy did we come out of this project educated!

F3 & Associates was founded in 2004, and proudly features world-class clients such as Google, Shell Oil, Chevron, Apple, and The Walt Disney Corporation. They use state of the art technology to survey and scan industrial plants and building information modeling – or BIM - and even 3D computer aided design modeling. Pretty neat, huh? Further advancements in reverse engineering and metrology continue to create new manufacturing solutions that are being unveiled each month.

Their highly customized new Squarespace site was built with the idea that the client should be as educated as possible from the start of each new project, so offers comprehensive explanations on 3D Scanning and Printing, Land Surveying, 3D CAD Modeling, BIM and Construction Services, Laser Tracking and Metrology, and Rapid Prototyping. Plus, they are always up to date on their blog – featuring recent projects and media appearances.

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Squarespace for Power

Whether for residential, commercial, or recreational applications, Trusted Power Systems has been the gold standard for generators, transfer switches, and accessories since 2009. Spearheaded by two partners with over 30 years combined experience in the electrical field - specializing in standby & portable power - they enable you to choose the right power system for your standby or backup power needs. TPS is committed to making your decision for a power system simple, accurate and affordable by providing you with an excellent experience and education during the process. Most importantly though, they make sure customers are always aware and knowledgeable about backup power systems so they can feel confident they made the right choice.

Their site has a great new integrated Olark feature, designed to help customers connect with them whenever the need should arise, in real time. Check out the product pages to see what they offer, and feel free to drop them a line if you don’t see what you’re looking for - Because at Trusted Power Systems, they don’t want customers to be left in the dark. They want lights on no matter what the weather brings.

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Squarespace for the Big Screen

We all love documentaries. In a day in age where everything is analyzed for what it is (or isn’t), documentaries are a reflection of ourselves. Miami-based Rakontur has several years of experience producing acclaimed documentaries featured on both Amazon and Netflix – Cocaine Cowboys and Square Grouper to name a few.  These guys are just terrific all around storytellers, and they’ve just recently released their newest one to date – The Tanning of America  - which an homage to all things hip-hop. It tells the story of its integration into the fabric of American culture, and features exclusive interviews with Dr Dre, Run DMC, and many, many more. Check out the trailer here.

We’ve created an awesome new site for them that really captures their brand well. Videos can be viewed, along with their blog and social media handles. An rss is ticking on the side panel, and mailchimp has been integrated as a direct marketing tool right into their site – cool, huh?

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Squarespace goes to College

Searching for the right college is far from how most high school juniors and seniors would define ‘fun’. It’s a painstakingly difficult process that involves research, campus visits, and making sure programs are tailored to individual goals and interests. With the rise of social media, we’re able to learn more in a few clicks than we could ever have imagined – but there’s still stress associated with the process.

That’s why companies like College Match Point exist – to alleviate the stress, and help your student be the best he or she can be. Founded by Lisa Bain Carlton, with 25 years of experience in education – from counseling and consultation to career development. Since it’s start in 2009, College Match Point has placed over 100 students in colleges across the United States – both public and private. Their process is different than other college placement companies out there. They work with you in a fun and personal way – by using milestones and checklists to keep clients on track. They want to be sure that the college that is chosen is chosen for the right reasons, and is in line with career interests, hobbies, and geographic location. Once final lists are compiled, they help with essay writing, editing, and narrowing down the final decision.

We’re keeping College Match Point in mind for people we know applying to schools, and we think you should too! Oh, and their site isn’t too shabby either – go poke around and see it for yourself!

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